Mobile Legends Adventure Wishing Shrine – Complete Guide

As like the Fusion Shrine Feature in the Mobile Legends Adventure, this is also a kind of interesting feature in the game, so before discussing in detail about the Wishing Shrine let us say some important things about the game to you.

This game Mobile Legends Adventure is a recent game release by Moonton who were the official game makers of the famous hit game Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

And actually, this game Mobile legends Adventure is a continuation of the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang which means most of the characters of Bang Bang will be available in this game too. And this version Adventure is actually a story continuation of the Bang Bang.

And there are lots of new features which was in the game, which you might haven’t seen in the Mobile Legends bang Bang and that kind of unique feature is Wishing Shrine.
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Mobile Legends Adventure Wishing Shrine

So there are lots of feature in the game, which will be unlocked as you progress in the game, but this feature Wishing Shrine is actually already available when you start the game.

Wishing Shrine actually is a feature where you need to spend special token or diamonds to unlock a hero or get fragments of your hero.

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You can get any hero in the Wishing Shrine like common, uncommon, rare, elite, epic anyone can be obtained from the wishing shrine.

Just draw anything after spending the diamonds or tokens and wait for it to unlock or open a hero.

And there are three types of special tokens in the game namely

  • Premium Summon.
  • Miracle Summon.
  • Friendship Summon.

Premium Summon

Premium Summons can be used only once every 36 hours for free, using premium summon your chance for getting Epic Heroes is high.

You can also obtain free Premium Summons as rewards in the game.

Miracle Summon

Miracle Summon is also a same kind of feature like Premium Summon, which can be obtained as rewards by completing challangs or else as daily rewards.

Friendship Summon

These Summon can be obtained by send hearts to your friends and get back hearts and using these hearts you can use the wishing shrine.

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