Mobile Legends Adventure Tower of Babel Guide

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Here we are going to give you a detailed insight into the Tower of Babel, which is one of the features in the game.

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Mobile Legends Adventure is a game by Moonton, one of the famous gamers who were known for their biggest sensational hit Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

And this game Mobile Legends Adventure is actually a story continuation of their previous hit game Mobile Legends bang bang.

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Mobile Legends Adventure Tower of Babel

So this Feature Tower of babel is one kind of interesting feature in the Mobile Legends Adventure, and this is more or like the campaign mode in the game.

In this tower of babel, there are lots of towers in the game, you have to beat out the opponents in each tower to move to the next tower.

As you move on to the next tower, the difficulty will be increased, and whenever you go to a tower there will be an indication of required power level, so make sure you have power equal to your opponents otherwise your game will be difficult.

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And in this feature, there will be a leaderboard in the game where you will give out rankings based on your tower level.

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