Mobile Legends Adventure Time Portal Complete Guide

When you hear about this term time portal you memories might take you to a different situation where you might be time travelling to a different time, like your future, past anything maybe. But here we are not going to discuss those time Portals which you have seen in the movies because we are going to give you a detailed guide about the Time Portal Feature in the Mobile Legends adventure.

So successfully mobile legends adventure has been released and is getting out some positive response so far, and people have started to explore out the features of this game.

Since most of the people were confused about the time portal feature in the game, so we have decided to write a guide about time portal feature for those people who don’t know much about this feature.

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Mobile Legends Adventure Time Portal

In this Time Portal, you gonna find out things like Trial, Crusade in this game along with Chrono Stars, Starsoul Hourglass and Starsoul Chest, let’s discuss in detail about these features.


Challenge Heroes from parallel universes, your lineup will face different restraint in different trails. Each trial you successfully challenged you will get a Chrono star and you’ll get Advance Essence, Hero Experience as rewards in the game.


Test your limit, you will encounter other players lineup in each stage and you will have to defeat them. You can get a Chrono star and rich rewards after you defeat the powerful enemies in stage 3,6,9.

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Starsoul Hourglass and chest

After getting 4 Chrono Stars from this Trails and Crusade battles you can activate out this Starsoul Hourglass where you can select some cards and matching out this cards will unlock out Starsoul Chest where you’ll be getting out diamonds, and certain card fragments as rewards.

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