Is Mobile legends Adventure a Hit or Flip – Complete Insight

So yes it’s been a lot of period since the Mobile Legends adventure has been like launched worldwide, its actually now 2020 and its been months since the game was released.
And most of them after reading out the topic must have thought that why I am writing out things like this now all of a sudden.

Yes Because when it comes to a game we have to wait for some time to decide out whether the game is a hit one or not because we can’t decide out anything just like that in a period of one month time.

For example, some games may spike during the release may be due to the popularity of the game makers but within two months there will no one playing that time.

A game like PUBG at initial stages it was not that much popular but as the time passes people like to play that time, that’s why we are saying we need to wait for any game to determine its performance.

How is Mobile Legends Adventure

So it’s been like nearly four months since the mobile Legends Adventure has been launched worldwide and frankly speaking, this game has not achieved the heights that Mobile Legends Bang Bang has obtained even though this game has made around 10 million downloads the no of players currently playing out the game right now is hardly a million for sure.

And the count has been like keep on decreasing actually, most of them don’t know the reason why and actually there are lots of factors why this game has failed.

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Reason for Mobile Legends Adventure Average Performance

As like we said this game has performed very average because of the facts that it has started out well but never reached the heights that the Mobile legends bang Bang has made.

Another thing is that people have made out too many expectations on this game since Mobile legends bang bang is a super hit.

If this was like the first part then this game would have been an average performance game for sure, but since it is the next part of the Mobile Legends Adventure that’s where it makes something unusual.

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So still it’s not actually a too bad game nor a too good game its an average game which you can try at least once for sure, maybe it is a cup of tea for some people.


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