Mobile Legends Adventure Guild and Guild Boss Guide

Most people in this world think that falling in love and go on date with different girls is the happiest thing in the world, but for gamers like us, you only know that real happiness is playing our favourite game without any disturbance and Mobile legends Adventure is one kind of game which provides happiness and fun to whoever plays this game.

Yes, we are speaking about the Moonton’s recent game release of Mobile Legends Adventure which is the continuation of their biggest ever hit Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

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The game has been released recently all over the world and still now has got some amazing response from the people who have played the game and you guys know what the game has reached 10 million downloads in just 25 days which is a thing to be noticed and this numbers itself tells about the game how good it is.

And here we don’t want to waste your time by discussing the things which you guys already know. So let’s jump into the topic of Guild.

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Mobile Legends Adventure Guild and Guild Bosses

So guild is actually one of the features in the game and here you can form a team in the form of the guild or else join with the guild created by others.

  • So there are three things you can do in the Guild Battle, Donate, Battle.
  • In the guild you can request for the cards you want every 24 hours and also you can donate the cards your guild members want.
  • And also you can message with your friends in the guild.
  • Next important feature in the Guild is Guild Boss mode, and you can consider it as one of the toughest modes.
  • Because the guild boss will be having a lot of power and difficult to defeat.
  • And that’s why you can team up with your teammates and take on the guild Boss.
  • After completing every stage you’ll get special guild rewards which you can use it in a guild shop to buy anything.
  • Also, remember that Epic cards can be requested on only Weekends.

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