Mobile Legends Adventure Arena – Complete Guide

So finally Mobile legends Adventures has been launched worldwide, and the game has been receiving out the tremendous response from the audience so far.

And as you guys know this is a game by Moonton the makers who were famous for their Previous Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang, and now Mobile Legends Adventure and this is their 2nd ever game release after Mobile Legends Bang Bang actually.

This game Mobile Legends Adventure is actually a continuation of the Mobile Legends Adventure since as you can see most of the characters in bang-bang is available in the adventure too and it clearly shows that it is a game for hardcore Mobile legends fan.

But Moonton has done a great job that even a player who plays the mobile legends game for the first time can also clearly understands the game and can show great progress.

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That’s what the greatest speciality about the game.

Mobile Legends Adventure Arena 

As like we have said earlier, most of the people thought that the game is only a role-playing game and no multiplayer mode is available in the game.

But it is available in the game in the form of Arena, you can unlock Arena feature in the game after surpassing certain levels in the game.

Arena is a kind of Multiplayer Mode in this game, through this mode you’ll get 3 free chances daily for battling and through this you can battle with anyone in the game until the end of your free chances, if you still want to play after your free chances ends then you have to pay certain diamonds.

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The concept is simple like clash of clans, you attack the opponent and get trophy points and rewards and at the same time, your opponents can also attack you so prepare the strongest defence.

After the end of each season you’ll be getting certain rewards in the game, so try to rank higher in the game for more rewards.

And we have given you what we know about the Arena and now its time for you to explore out the features

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