Guide on How to get Skill Stone in Mobile Legends Adventure

So Actually skill Stone is kind of currency in the game of Mobile Legends Adventure, there are lots of ways to get these resources added out to your account and we’ll teach some of these methods about how to add them out your account easily and naturally too.

Method 1

The first method that we are going to get the skill stone is through the idle stone which is our most reliable method of all time.

You’ll start to earn out the Skill Stone through the Idle Rewards once you have reached out certain level in the game.

But you may get the luck of getting out the Skill Stone from the level 8 itself since we have already heard some people already got out this.

Most of the players like naturally will start to get Skill Stone from the Idle Rewards once they reach out the Level 12 in the game.

So if you have reached level 12 and want to speed up the process of getting more Skill Stone then we recommend you to get skill stone twelve hours once.

Method 2

The second method is obtaining Skill Stones through the Events that were happening like every month, Events are the perfect way to boost up your Skill Stones.

Mostly you can get more no of Skill Stones in the Exchange Event than other events because apart from the rewards you obtain you can use event item token as an exchange to obtain the Skill Stones.

Event Items can be obtained as the idle rewards when you reach Level 14 itself.

So if you are one who hasn’t yet progressed through the campaign yet you can use this method as an alternative to obtain the Skill Stone.

Also, remember out that not all the events will give you skill stone as the reward you have to be aware of which events gives you skill stone.

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Method 3

Our last and final method to get Skill Stones is through the Time Portal and Market

So in Time Portal, you have to complete out different kinds of challenges actually and then you should progress through the crusade actually.

By doing out so will give you lots of Chrono stars which you can use to unlock rewards through the Starsoul Hourglass. And Skill Stone is one of those Rewards Among them.

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The market is a thing which you need to use out your real money to purchase Skill Stones directly.

You can purchase those Skill Stones in the exchange of the Gems and Gold.

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